Welcome to The Menagerie of Inscrutable Magic

Bonjour Poupette is what your French fairy godmother says every time she greets you, with a smile on her face. 

Bonjour Poupette could be translated as Hello Little One but to me, it means that you are recognized and loved, right now, for all that you are. 

And yes, Bonjour Poupette is a menagerie of enchanting little animal people - Habitants délicats des forêts de nous-memes. (Sensitive inhabitants of the forests of ourselves.) - Jules Supervielle

My Poupettes are spirited renditions of animal people and other magical creatures. Every figurine has a unique personality that emerges as I work, which truly makes them one-of-a-kind. Indeed, they have evolved over time and will certainly continue to do so. This is why I take the time to photograph each figurine, list them individually and only make items to order by request. I list new figurines regularly and make a limited number of custom orders each month.

Each figurine is made one at a time, by hand. I sculpt them with a premium, non-toxic, heat-cured, polymer-based modeling compound. I custom blend the polymer with pigment, mica, and metallic leaf to create unique colors and textures. Although polymer can be painted, I prefer the challenge of creating color variations through meticulous layering and blending of the material itself and rarely use paint. Properly cured polymer is an exquisite archival material and you can expect your Poupette to endure for generations.

Bonjour Poupette was a Featured Shop on the Etsy Blog in 2015. I've also been honored to have my work appear in Mollie Makes Woodland FriendsThe Vintage and Handmade Bride MagazinePolymer Clay Global Perspectives and the Etsy Blog.